Toyota has unveiled the H11 and H11LED bulbs for use in its upcoming crossover and crossover sport utility vehicles.

The H11 is a full-array LED headlight, offering brighter, more natural-looking lights than other LED bulbs, according to the Japanese automaker.

The two H11L bulbs will be available for purchase starting at ¥10,200 (~$14,500), and ¥13,500 (~$18,700) for the H12 and H12LED.

They’ll be available in various light patterns, including a wide-angle pattern with blue, red, yellow, and orange lighting, according an image posted to the Toyota website.

The Toyota H12 LED bulb will be offered in a range of colors, with a range between 18 and 30 watts of output, and a wide beam of up to 40 watts, according the website.

The H12L will be priced at ¥15,200 for the rear of the vehicle, and ¥19,600 for the front, while the H13 LED will be sold with a beam of 35 watts, with the H14 LED at 50 watts.

The headlights also offer LED daytime running lights and an automatic low-beam headlight switch.

The vehicle’s driver-assist features will also be enhanced with a headlight-recognition system that learns which of the two LED lights is the one in the front of the car.

This information will then be communicated to the front-facing camera.

The headlight LED’s output is rated at 50 lumens (approximately 100 times brighter than standard halogen bulbs), and the LED headlighting can illuminate a distance of up 3 meters.