Google’s Android TV app has a few neat features to play with that are designed to let users set up a personalized TV experience.

One of those features is a new feature that lets you add a bunch of lights to the app that can be individually controlled.

You can set up four of them on your TV with one button press, and you can choose from four different brightness levels.

You could also change the colors, brightness and other settings of each light, and the light settings themselves can be saved to your device.

The default settings for each light can be changed, and there’s even a way to change the color of a particular light.

The app also has a feature that automatically switches on your favorite color in the middle of the night to make it easier to watch TV in the dark.

Another feature of the new TV app is the ability to play the latest episodes of a TV show on the home screen.

You have to choose whether you want to watch it in the “main” menu or a separate menu, and it has the same navigation as the TV app, with one big difference: you have to tap the TV show’s icon and choose to watch in the TV menu.

The app can also play back an episode of a show on your Android TV device if you set it up in the same app as a show in your Android app, and when you open the app again, you can play back the episode.

This makes the experience more like watching a TV program, since the entire episode is played in the main menu instead of in a separate app.

You might not notice any difference, but it’s a welcome addition.

We’re excited to see how Google’s TV app evolves in the coming months.