NEW HAVEN, N.H. — Gov.

John Kasich and Sen. Marco Rubio will hold their first presidential town hall in New Haven, Connecticut on Monday evening, a rally that could prove a turning point for the Texas senator.

Kasich is seeking the party’s nomination for president, while Rubio, a Florida senator who lost the GOP primary to Trump in February, is the front-runner for the GOP nomination.

“We are going to have a real conversation with the voters in New England,” Kasich said Monday morning.

“You know, we have a great relationship with the people in New York.

They are our base.

We have an obligation to them to continue to work with them to win the White House.”

The two are expected to participate in the town hall at a local school, but will be joined by Kasich campaign manager John Weaver, who was one of Kasich’s top surrogates during the primary and a Trump supporter.

The event will be held at the Connecticut Statehouse.

It will begin at 6 p.m. and be available on the Kasich campaign’s website and on the state’s YouTube channel.