Led-Wall lighting, the first in a growing trend to use LEDs in buildings, is on the verge of making $3.3 million since opening its first facility in Washington state, the state’s first new LED-based building since 2010.

Led Wall, a Seattle-based startup, has since sold about 100,000 of its high-efficiency LED lamps and is now working to raise money to build more than 1,000 new homes.

Led Wall, which opened its Seattle location in June, uses LEDs to light up large spaces, and its company, Led Lighting Inc., recently raised a $2.7 million Series B funding round led by Benchmark Capital.

Led Walls cofounder and CEO Rob Bell told Forbes that Led Wall’s business model has been successful.

He said that when LED lighting is in use, the lighting has a much lower cost and reduces energy consumption.

Bell said that LED lighting, while it doesn’t have a huge impact on the environment, can be a good option for homeowners.

“The energy that is generated from LED lighting goes directly to the homes,” he said.

“You don’t have to worry about having to replace your entire ceiling with LED lights.

In fact, LEDs are more environmentally friendly than standard lighting.”

In addition to its LED lighting business, Led Wall sells products for other LED-related businesses, including LED fixtures, LED lighting lights, LED wall coverings and LED lighting fixtures for residential and commercial uses.

Led Walls products include LED floor lamps, LED ceiling lights and LED ceiling lamps.

“Led Wall was founded in 2011 to provide lighting solutions for people who use LED lighting for home decoration, lighting, or to enhance their own lighting experience,” said Bell.

“We believe that the energy-saving benefits of LED lighting are unparalleled.

We have made a name for ourselves and our products through our unique and innovative product line.”