The iconic Led Zeppelins Qled Zeppelin and the classic Led Zepplin will battle it out at the Melbourne Opera House in a five-way match in 2018.

Key points:Qled Zeppelons were the first British rock band to play the Melbourne venue and had to go on to lose to the EaglesLed Zeppelin were the second-biggest rock band in the world and had never played MelbourneThe contest will see two of the world’s biggest rock bands clash on the stageThe contest is a major one for the two bands, with the QLZ coming from a long history of playing the Melbourne Theatre and the Zepplins coming from the era of The Beatles.

But the two biggest rock groups in the Melbourne are coming out of a similar time period.

In the mid-1970s, Led Zepperts debut album Led Zeppo played on the Melbourne stage.

They won four of their first five performances at the venue, before the Eagles came in and defeated them by the score of 17-5.

The first big rock show to happen at the Sydney Opera House, in 1978, saw The Who take on The Eagles and The Rolling Stones, and the next big rock event, in 1982, saw AC/DC take on Led Zepps.

The event would be the first time the two groups had played together.

The two sides have also shared a stage before, with The Beatles playing at the Adelaide Oval in 2005 and Led Zeppers debut in 2011.

Both bands are still considered iconic, with QLZEPZ’s lead Zeppelin a staple of the British rock music scene.

Led Zeppinz has played at venues around the world, including venues in Germany, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, the US and South Africa, as well as concerts in China, the Netherlands and Sweden.