After a few months of silence, the tech world is finally getting to grips with the internet disruption that has plagued it for the last decade.

And a report from security researcher Adrian Ludwig suggests that it’s not as simple as a lack of data.

As Ludwig explains, a large portion of the data is lost.

“The problem is we don’t have a clear understanding of how data is stored,” he told me.

“And when it’s lost, it’s almost always not stored in a way that is very secure.”

And this has become a problem for businesses, which are often relying on cloud services to store and retrieve data.

Ludwig says that cloud providers are “losing their ability to do what they’re supposed to be doing.”

But as Ludwig says, there are ways around this problem.

In particular, cloud providers have built in protections that allow them to “manage and secure data,” and even “provide access to data that they store in the cloud.”

So while there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, Ludwig says we should be thinking about “why cloud data is important” in the first place.