The Super Bowl is a great time to look back on the games that have defined the NFL, and one of those was the Super Bowl 50 Super Bowl halftime show.

In honor of the event, we’re celebrating some of the highlights of Leder and the SuperBowl.

Here are some of his biggest moments during the show.1.

The opening kickoff: The lights of the SuperDome, the home of the New England Patriots, went up in the stadium.

This was a moment that will live in infamy.

Leder, a rookie quarterback, came to the Superdome from a different league, but he was never one to shy away from a moment of glory.

He kicked a 25-yard field goal to set up the winning field goal of SuperBike, a game in which the Patriots rallied from a 17-point deficit and beat the Seattle Seahawks 27-24 in overtime.

It was a defining moment, one that changed the way the NFL saw itself for the first time in a decade.2.

The first touchdown: Leder completed the first pass of his career in the first quarter to tight end Anthony Fasano.

Fasano caught the ball and ran toward the end zone for a touchdown.

The second-year quarterback was making his first start and was on the brink of becoming the first rookie quarterback to complete at least two touchdown passes in a game.

He didn’t have a great throw but the ball was well-placed.

The ball went to a teammate, who threw it to Wes Welker for a first down.

Wes Welk caught it for a 7-yard touchdown.3.

The winning field-goal: Led and Fasano tied at 16-16 in the third quarter.

This one was pretty close.

The Patriots were down 10-10 with 2:55 left in the game and Led ran a quick pass to Fasano, who was just wide open.

Faso took off and ran it into the endzone for a 10-yard score.4.

The two-point conversion: Fasano converted a 2-point try with 1:25 left in overtime to give the Patriots a 27-26 lead.

Led was not happy with the conversion, but the refs thought he was justified.

The goal line stood.5.

The kickoff return: Fasino returned the kickoff 98 yards for a TD.

He caught a 26-yard pass from Led and scored again.

It gave the Patriots the lead for good at 29-28.6.

The punt return: Led was on another kick return in the second quarter, but this one was blocked and failed.

It went out of bounds, and he was penalized for a holding penalty.

He was flagged for the penalty.7.

The kick return: The Patriots returned a punts 47 yards for an extra point.

Led missed the kick but the kickoff was still inside the five-yard line.

The refs called the play a fair catch.8.

The field goal: The ball fell incomplete.

The referees called the attempt a fair kick, but Led called it off and scored a TD in the final seconds.9.

The pick-six: Faso returned the punt 56 yards for the score.

The officials said the pick-up was not an offensive pass, but it went out with about 15 seconds left.10.

The TD pass: Fas and Led were on the field in the same formation in the fourth quarter.

Fas had the ball in the end zones.

Led lined up in his usual spot, but when Fas did a fake, Led took off down the left sideline and ran a curl route to the middle of the field for a 1-yard TD pass to Thomas Rawls.11.

The Hail Mary: The play that sparked Led’s MVP campaign, and it was the highlight of his MVP campaign.

He ran the Hail Mary to set the Patriots up for a field goal, but his receiver was tackled.

Led went back to the sideline and threw the ball to his own right.

The game-winning touchdown was on a short pass to Brandon Bolden.12.

The interception: Fas ran a fake in the red zone, but missed the ball.

The touchdown was later overturned because the ball bounced away from the defender who threw the interception.

The replay showed the ball going through the air.13.

The one-handed tackle: Led took a hit to the face from teammate Jason Taylor, but ran back to his feet.

He had just recovered a fumble in the Super Dome.14.

The sack: Led had a sack on the opening kickoff of the third half.

He recovered a ball that was intercepted by safety Earl Thomas.

The next play, Led ran for a 6-yard loss.15.

The tackle: Fas lined up to his left on the second play of the second half and got a sack.

He tackled running back Joe Mixon.16.