Google announced today that it’s making a new set of headlights and glasses that make the world safer by making it easier for drivers to see.

These new products will be available starting next month, starting with the head-up display (HUD) that comes with Google’s self-driving cars.

Google says that the HUD’s new feature allows drivers to easily see what the car’s camera sees on their HUD screen.

And the company says that when the HUD is enabled, it can be used to display the car in the same way that the driver’s HUD screen does.

Google claims that HUDs with a “standard” setting will be able to tell you the weather, route, and speed of cars ahead, and if they’re parked or not.

The HUD will also show you what time the car is charging, how long the battery is, and the current speed.

The glasses are supposed to let you see through your windshield, but they’re also supposed to give you an extra layer of visibility.

It’s important to note that Google says it has not announced pricing or availability for these products.

If you want to get one, head to the Google Home website.

The new HUDs are supposed, among other things, to be “much more comfortable for drivers, and much more convenient for us to interact with them.”

The HUD’s ability to tell drivers what they need to know to use it is interesting, as it’s a feature that Google has not had with other self-navigating devices like the Amazon Echo or Apple HomeKit.

Google has also added a second “dashboard” to the display, which can show more information and give you directions.

The dashboard also now has more features that Google didn’t previously offer, like the ability to check weather information from within the dashboard, and it’s also possible to use the “dashboards” to see the vehicle’s current location.

Google also plans to release a new version of the HUD that’s better suited to the future, though.

The company is working on a new HUD that would be able “to display a wide variety of information, including driving directions, speed, weather, and other pertinent information.”

The company says it’s already working on improvements to the HUD, and “will release an updated HUD with improved functionality as we move forward.” 

The Google Home app for iOS will also include a HUD that can give you other useful information, like when the car has arrived at your destination.