With Led Zeppas classic album ‘Jungleland’, the band was on a roll, racking up massive sales numbers.

But for many years, the company had no official record of how many Led Zeppelins were sold.

That changed last year, when Led Zeepin owner John Lederman released Led Zeeps official catalog of Led Zeppers sales.

According to Lederman, the number of sales reached over 8 million.

“I’m really happy with the sales,” Lederman told Billboard.

“I mean, we’ve sold 7 million Led Zepps, so that’s great.

It’s been a great year.

And we’re going to have another year, so we’re just excited to see what the year’s going to bring.”

The album sold 1.8 million copies in the US and Canada, and 2.6 million worldwide.

The album also debuted in the Billboard Top 200 and was the best-selling album in history.