The world’s first commercial led-light pod has arrived at an airport in China.

It’s the world-first commercial led lighting pod, a small, lightweight light source that was built using recycled materials and a patented design.

“It is very important to us that people use these pods to provide light,” said co-founder Zhang He, who is also the president of the China International Lighting Association.

The pod uses a light source from a large LED light bulb, which converts the light into electrical current.

The technology is now being used in residential homes and businesses around the world.

“It is like a portable, energy-efficient light,” Zhang told ABC News.

“A light source like this is a real solution for many problems.”

The pod is a one-year-old idea.

Zhang said the idea was born while Zhang was working in Shanghai.

He and his colleague, Wang Qimin, were looking for an efficient and easy-to-use commercial light source.

They started looking for a commercial LED light source and came across an LED lightbulb that was being used by a hotel.

The team decided to make their own light source to use in their hotel’s hotel room.

The idea of using recycled material to make a commercial light was born.

The company has been working with Chinese manufacturers to manufacture the pod.

The pods are made of plastic and are a single unit, so the company has no additional workers needed to make them.

Zhang’s co-founders are both from the Shanghai Technology Institute of Advanced Engineering.

Zhang says the pod has a wide range of applications.

“We can replace lamps in bathrooms and even bathrooms and toilets with the pod,” he said.

In addition to bathrooms, the pod can be used to illuminate buildings and other structures.

“If we have a hotel room, it will be much brighter,” Zhang said.

The pod has been used in a hotel in China since March.

It has also been used to make LED light fixtures in other hotels in China, including a hotel that serves the Shanghai International Airport.

Zhang estimates that the pod is about half the size of a coffee cup and weighs about 1,500 grams.

It is one of the smallest commercial led lights used in the world, and it can be made from a wide variety of materials.

The company has tested a number of different commercial led lamps, but they were all bulky and not nearly as efficient as the pods.

This commercial led pod is similar to the ones found in hotels.

It uses recycled materials.

This commercial led lamp is also made from recycled materials, but it is not nearly the same.

However, the pods are far more environmentally friendly.

They produce less pollution than other commercial led products and are much smaller.

They are also more lightweight and easy to carry.

Zhang told the Associated Press that the pods will be shipped to the United States by Chinese shipping company Dalian Shipping Company in late April.

We can be confident that our pods will help the world to overcome many challenges, Zhang said in a statement.