WASHINGTON — A mother who spent a year lighting her apartment’s fluorescent lights is now trying to turn them back on for her neighbors.

The effort started after a friend bought her a bulb for $6,500, and the woman said she was not happy about the price tag.

So she put her bulbs in her bedroom.

She also started turning on the lights in her neighbor’s apartment.

Her neighbors called her a crazy person, but she said she does not blame them.

It took several months for the lights to get turned on and her neighbors started to realize they were missing out on the beauty of the natural light.

Now, there are dozens of bulbs at her door and neighbors are taking advantage of her lighting plan.

The light is also causing a lot of conversation.

The mother of two said she is tired of being a stranger and wants people to know the light shines down on her.

“We’re the new light.

And we’re the only ones in this world that are going to be lighting up our living room and our bathroom and our living area,” she said.