In this photo taken March 1, 2015, a light bar in the center of the lobby of the Canadian International Convention Center is illuminated by a neon sign.

In this photo from Feb. 25, 2017, a large sign at the entrance of the convention center in Toronto, Canada, says, “The light bar is the best way to relax and have fun.”

As of July 1, 2018, a new sign will go up at the center saying “Light Bar Open.”

The light bars were created by a group of Toronto residents and visitors who wanted to share their ideas for a better city.

“Light bars have helped us to become more social and connect with each other,” said Daniel Blumberg, who has been part of the group since it began.

The lights have also made it easier for people to see each other.

A light bar, a sign, and a picture of a person can all be displayed in one place at the Canadian Convention Center.

You can also see a lot of different types of light bulbs to choose from at the store.

What you can do to change the light bar’s design: Change the lighting to an open design or a closed design, with the light bars facing the center.

Keep the lights off during peak hours, to prevent the light from going out.

Change it to a dimmer to allow for more space for people in the hallways.

Turn off the lights for a couple of hours at a time to help with night owls.

Don’t light your house, especially in summer.

If you are staying at the convention centre during daylight hours, you can change the lights to a more subdued lighting.

Bring a lawn chair, a blanket or a cooler to share the light.

Put a sign in front of the room so people can find it easily.

Have a conversation with people around you, like in a park or at the airport.

Take a picture and share it online with a hashtag.

Help spread the word by posting photos on social media.