In an effort to make it easier for BMW customers to get their hands on a new X5 model, the automaker is introducing an accessory for the new X4, X6 and X7 models.

The BMW X4 will include a headlight that can be mounted onto the car’s rearview mirror, allowing users to turn their head toward the rear and see what they are looking at.

The headlight comes in three sizes and the headlight is easily customizable by the owner.

The headlight, which will be available for purchase from BMW in North America and Europe beginning in November, comes standard with an array of headlight attachments for the X4.

The rearview camera, which can be connected to the head light, allows owners to see what is behind the car.

The X6 headlight attachment is a headlamp with a single beam and is mounted to the rearview mirrors.

The X7 headlight attaches to the front fenders, and the X7 has a head lamp that is mounted behind the rear windshield.

The car’s front headlights are the same as those on the X3 and X5 models.

In addition to the standard headlamps, the BMW X6 comes with an optional “high-beam” version that can beam up to 400 lumens.

It also has an optional headlamping that can shoot a beam of up to 500 lumens at up to 100 mph.

Both the headlams can be upgraded with the optional “low-beam,” which is mounted directly under the rear of the headlighting system.

The low-beam headlamens are designed for use with BMW’s headlight package.