A brand-new Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV will be able to display a set of front- and rear-mounted lights on the rear, front, and roof of the vehicle, according to a report by Fox News.

Jeep is already using LED headlights on the 2017 Jeep Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited, which have been hailed as the first true-to-life LED-based vehicles.

However, Fox News said that the lead-light system on the new Jeep will be completely different.

“Leaded-light technology in the JK model is a new one.

The front and rear lights are LED, the back and rear are a non-LED system, and the front and the rear lights combine to make up the Jeep,” Fox News’ Jennifer Griffin wrote.”

Jeep will use lead-lights on all new models, including the 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokees, the 2019 Jeep Renegades, the JKR-powered JKX, and new JK models coming to market.”

Jeep’s lead-lighting system was first introduced in the Jeep Wranglers and Wranglings Unlimited.

In the new SUV, the new system will be used in all the Jeep models.

The lead-on LED lights have been touted as an effective alternative to the older standard headlamps in modern cars, because they are less likely to be damaged by bumps or other objects.

It is also a cheaper alternative than the expensive, heavy-duty LED lights that many older cars use.