Ledger (XCP) is set to become the currency for the crypto-world and the technology behind it is now being developed and tested in a small lab in Hong Kong.

Ledger X, a cryptocurrency that was introduced to the world on January 10, will be the first currency to be released in a lab run by the Crypto Fund, the cryptocurrency investment company co-founded by the co-founder of Bitcoin’s most famous rival, Monero.

The company aims to create a new currency that would be designed to be traded between users on a worldwide basis, according to the company’s website.

Ledgers have become a popular way to store wealth, and the idea is to take a cryptographic token and create a way for people to buy and sell it on the global market.

The Crypto Fund is also planning to release a cryptocurrency called XCP, which will be designed in the same way.

The currency is expected to be launched in early 2018, and it has already garnered a lot of attention, with the first batch of tokens, which have been released, selling for more than $300.

According to the CryptoFund website, the goal of the project is to create “a new digital currency” which will provide a stable price for crypto-assets and a way to transfer value between individuals and businesses.

The cryptocurrency is also expected to attract more mainstream interest, with most experts predicting a boom in the next year.

The cryptocurrency will be backed by the crypto currency’s creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, who has already revealed a number of ideas for the future of cryptocurrency.

The crypto-currency will be distributed to people through a digital wallet, and will be available to anyone who has a Bitcoin or Ethereum wallet, as well as users who own Bitcoin and Ethereum tokens.

Currently, there are over 7,600,000 coins in existence, and they are created on an hourly basis.

The first batch has been released and has been widely praised, with some analysts calling it the most popular cryptocurrency in existence.

It has been adopted by a wide range of businesses including Spotify, Facebook, and Netflix, as the currency has attracted a growing number of investors and users.