I’m excited to get this in my hands and I’m not just talking about the new LED headlamps and LED lights on the LG G5, either.

In fact, this is the first Android smartphone to get a new LED led light that actually works.

That’s because LG has developed the “Light Emitter for Android” technology to work on Android devices. 

This LED light is called “Led Light” and the LG device it’s for is the LG V20.

The company also recently launched the new LG G4 and the G4 Plus, which use the same light technology as the G5.

But there’s another new LED light on the horizon for Android users.

The LG G6.

The LG G20 is the company’s most recent Android smartphone.

This year’s LG G series was built on a platform that allows for the adoption of advanced camera features.

The G20 features a 5MP sensor and a new camera module, the new front-facing “lens” feature, a dual LED flash, and an improved “light meter” system.

These cameras are also able to recognize “blink” and “hologram” images, which lets the smartphone automatically recognize when an image has been captured.

The new camera modules also support the “Motion Capture” feature.

This allows the smartphone to record an image at the time an image was taken.

It then sends that image to the cloud for further processing.

You can then capture that image and store it on your computer.

The “MotionCapture” technology allows the phone to capture images and video at the same time. 

LG is also introducing a new way to shoot video using a smartphone camera.

Called “Smart Live Photo,” the feature lets you capture a video of your smartphone’s camera in real time.

This means that you can take a photo in real-time without having to use the phone’s camera as a tripod. 

Now, you can actually capture and send that video to the internet for other users to watch or share on social media.

The feature will also let you share videos from your phone to the web. 

While the camera modules will be available in a few different colors, LG has also released a “light stand” that supports all four of the new HDR colors.

This is the color you see in the images above, the “HDR” colors. 

As you can see, the LG light stand is a very compact device.

The front-mounted USB port is a full-size USB 2.0 port, and the back-mounted HDMI port is the same USB 2,0 port you see on the iPhone 5.

The back-facing USB port also supports a microSD card slot for storing photos.

The two front-panel USB ports are for charging the phone and charging the G20.

The front- and back-side panels are made of plastic.

This gives the LG a very sturdy feel.

It feels like LG’s always-on, always-connected design.

There’s also a USB-C port on the back.

It’s located right above the MicroUSB port.

The microUSB port is an all-in-one port, which means it’s not just a one-wire cable, but can be used to charge the phone, charge the G10’s USB-c charger, and charge the battery.

The charging port is also the one on the G6 and G6 Plus, as well as the LG F6, the latest version of the G3.

The back-panel LED lights are the same ones that you see from LG’s flagship smartphones.

They’re bright, colorful, and provide a nice, even light.

They’ll also work with the LG “Magic Light” LED flash for a more natural look.

The “Magic” LED light will have a slightly brighter output than the standard LG LED lights, but you can still set the intensity as you like.

The standard LG light is very dim.LG has also created a new charging cable that’s a “power cord” that’s made out of plastic and is able to work with USB-A and USB-B chargers.

The cable can be connected to the smartphone’s USB Type-C cable or the LG’s own Lightning cable.

This cable is also compatible with a variety of charging cables, so it’s the perfect way to charge a smartphone.

It’ll charge a G20 up to 60% in about 15 minutes.

The phone also has a dedicated microUSB charging port, as does the LG E6, and there are four new color options that LG has designed for the G18.

The new LG light, LED, and “Magic Lights” are available in black, red, and yellow.

The yellow light is the standard white light, which will be the color used for the next two LG G phones, the G9 and the upcoming G5 Pro. 

The LG “Lights” and their colors are a little different than