FOX Sports is reporting that the NFL is investigating an issue that could be impacting game broadcasts and the game’s lead lighting in the lead-up to Super Bowl LI.

The league announced on Monday that it is investigating a light that was not in the room before a game, a light placed behind the center of the field and the team’s logo.

A source told Fox Sports that the team is now “in the process of assessing the light.”

The NFL also said that the issue has been addressed.

It did not provide additional details.

The NFL said in a statement to Fox Sports on Monday: “We are aware of a light not in place during the game.

It is not being fixed at this time and we are in the process in addressing the issue.”

The source said that there was a light located in the middle of the middle row of the stadium where the team had its logo.

The team has not commented on the issue.

The lights that were not in use before the game were placed in place following halftime to protect the integrity of the game, the source said.

NFL officials were not immediately available for comment.

The source told ESPN that the lights are not being replaced and the issue will be addressed.