A leading singer of the American rock band Led Zeppelin, who have played at the top of the charts for more than 30 years, has become the star of a new music-video for a song that uses a real-life rabbit’s head as a backdrop.

The video, directed by Nick Nolte, stars the songwriter in a cameo as the rabbit in a scene set in the band’s New York studio.

It is the first time Nolts character has been seen in a Led Zeepo video, and it has raised questions about whether the song, which was released in January, was meant to be an homage to a fictional rabbit character.

“This rabbit-face is part of the song and we think it’s a great thing to do,” Noltes character, played by the British actor Matthew Modine, says in the video.

“We’re making sure it’s an accurate portrayal of the rabbit.

We’re trying to find a good, accurate representation of a rabbit and we’re going to do that.”

The song, entitled “A Little More Together,” is based on the story of the legendary rabbit, Alice Cooper, whose life is tragically cut short by her father’s cancer in 1958.

The song’s lyrics, sung by Nolttes lead singer, include “I love the rabbit, and the rabbit loves me” and “If you love me, I’ll love you back.”

It has been nominated for five Grammy Awards and won six awards.

The track was released on February 5 and it was the most popular single in the US.

“I was shocked,” Nolin told Vice News in a phone interview.

“It’s a new thing for me.

It’s a brand new thing to me.”

He added: “I’m a big fan of rabbit, so it’s great that I’m in the spotlight, and I’ve always had a love of rabbit.”

The video has been viewed over 5 million times and has been watched by more than 4.4 million people.

“The video itself is kind of funny, it’s just a little bit of a gag,” Noltes character says in an interview.

He added that the song is a “very lighthearted” song that is “not as dark as it might sound.”

Nolters character is played by British actor Matt Modine.

“That’s just the fun part of it,” Noles character said of the video, referring to the character.

The singer added that he had been trying to “put myself in a different character” in the song.

“What’s fun about it is I’m not really into the rabbit and Alice Cooper kind of thing.

It sort of gets into the characters side of me,” he said.

“But I’m really into Alice Cooper and the song itself.”

Noltas character, who has a son named Nick, is portrayed by actor Dominic West.

The lead singer’s character, Alice, is played in the music video by American singer/songwriter James Blunt.

“Alice Cooper and The Zeppelin Experience” has garnered praise from many, including singer-songwriter/songwriters like Joni Mitchell, who recently said the song could be the new soundtrack for the next movie she will make, The Night Stalker.