You may be a big fan of your phone and want to keep track of your time on the trackpad, but are you a fan of a more traditional watchface?

For many, the timepiece of choice is probably a mechanical watch face, but there are plenty of other options.

We’ll take a look at which mechanical watch faces are the best for keeping a perfect time on your wrist.

Pros: They’re very simple to use.

Cons: They may not be as accurate as a mechanical wristwatch.

Watch faces that use digital time display.

Mechanical watches often have a higher cost, so if you’re looking to buy a mechanical device, make sure you can afford to pay more.

How to buy the best mechanical watchface Pros: You don’t have to be an expert to use them.

Cons (if you’re not an expert): The face is very simple.

How To Choose the Best Mechanical Watchface Pros Watch faces using digital time and date display are very popular these days.

Most watch faces use the same algorithm to calculate the time.

They’re easy to use, and they offer the ability to create custom time displays, too.

But these watch faces don’t always offer the best accuracy, and some of them also have an irregular design.

We found that most of the time, a mechanical face is not the best choice for tracking your time.

We’ve chosen the top mechanical watchfaces for you to try out, and we’ll walk you through how to choose one.

Choose the best watchface with our handy guide.