Updated January 18, 2018 07:54:50 With new car technology and smart technology, there’s a good chance you’re not paying attention to the lights on your car.

This is because they can be distracting.

But now, the Australian Federal Police has announced that the lights you see in your car have an electronic component.

The Led Car Lights System is a device which monitors your car lights and can adjust the intensity of them according to your environment.

The police say the Led Car Lamps are used to improve visibility in residential areas.

They also say the LED lights in your vehicle will be able to give off a different colour depending on your location.

“There is a growing trend in the car market that is using LED lights to provide additional visibility to occupants, including to improve their safety and the overall environment,” Detective Senior Sergeant Andrew McNeill said.

This is a very different technology from the standard, manual lights that people see in many car’s today.

They’re the lights that are in the middle of the road and they are very directional.

The police say they will be installing the new lights in residential zones, with the first to be installed in March 2018.

Led Car Lamp technology was developed by the Australian Research Council and the Australian National University.

It uses an array of LEDs which are used in a wide variety of industries and in everyday applications.

The technology uses a battery which is used to drive the LED bulb, so that the bulb’s light is used by the vehicle itself rather than the car.

A police spokesman said the LED lamps would be able “to display a range of different colours depending on their location in the vehicle”.

“We expect these to be available for purchase in April 2018,” the spokesman said.

The Led Car Lighting System is part of the Police’s new Led Vehicle Lighting program.

It aims to make road safety more visible to pedestrians and cyclists.

Police say the LEDs will be installed “on the rear of the vehicle” to reduce glare from the headlights and the lights of other vehicles.

As the lead car lighting systems have been in use for some time, they’ve been seen in vehicles like cars, vans and taxis, and many have also been used on motorcycles.

If you are interested in the Led Lighting System and the other new car technologies in Australia, check out the Australian Police’s Led Vehicle Technology blog.

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